The 10 Best Hills Dog Food Reviews & Buying Guide for your Puppy

To us, a dog is kind of our best friend and like our kids. To get a healthy skinny dog, you have to take care of him/her in many ways. But the first thing is you have to pay attention to their nutrition requirements.

The best Hills dog food reviews are the best way to recover from the lack of different nutrients and maintain a healthy diet. Still, some people don’t recommend Hills dog pet food. Inappropriate hill food sometimes works as a curse instead of a blessing.

So recently, we have done our research on Hill’s dog food review. Now it’s time to share the list with Hill’s Derm complete reviews of ingredients details and a guide.

You can see in the first 10 ingredients that the Science Diet product line uses grains and corn products fairly heavily. Also, the Hills Vet Essentials puppy food review includes mysterious natural flavors. We finally made this hill’s derm complete ingredients list. Let’s move to Hill’s dog food individual review.

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Best Hills Dog Food Reviews Pick up Best One

This is an excellent food for your pup, It has a great reputation among the other wet food lines of this brand. They have more than 280 reviews and 97% of reviewers recommend the products.

Most of the people said that their dog’s health is improving, and switched back to a grain diet. It keeps your dog healthy which is Hill’s prescription diet and in strong action. So let’s check Hill’s derm complete dog food reviews.

Chewy Hills Dog Foods

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Hills dog food

Let’s start with healthy dry dog food. This is the number 1 veterinarian product. The food contains all types of effective nutrients. The manufacturer claims that dry food can improve mobility just in a month.

As it includes EPA from fish soybean oil, it proves every joint of the body. Besides, the limited use of minerals ensures high bone density. The large-size dogs will get more benefits from eating this product.

Happy to know your dog’s overall growth will improve by having this product. It is a great source of chondroitin and glucosamine that impacts the growth of the dog. Moreover, the food helps to maintain a shiny coat. You will get this product in a 30 lb pack.

Key Features

  • Includes all-natural ingredients.
  • No artificial color or flavor is used.
  • The veterinarian suggested the product.
  • Product weight: 30 lbs.
  • Impact on growth and ensures high-density bones.


  • Delicious flavor.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not appropriate as a dental care food.

Why will you like this product?

The proper use of minerals is an advanced point. The big size dog can match your needs to get stronger bones.

Hill's Science Diet Dry chewy hills dog food

2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult, Small & Mini Breeds

If you are looking for dog food for your dog with a sensitive stomach and skin, nothing will beat the diet of dry food from Hill’s Science. It is a very nutritious diet, dried beet pulp, and the taste is examined b a considerable number of dog breeds.

All-natural and healthy ingredients are used to produce this dietary dry food. It will meet all the nutrients as well. As it is a type of dry pet food, you can carry it anywhere and feed your little puppy by hand.

If you think about the beneficial sides of treating your dog with this diet, the very first thing I like to mention is its nutrients. It helps the puppy to have a precise balance with highly digestible ingredients. Besides, it is always available in the shops with affordable pricing.

Key Features

  • Weight: Around 15 pounds in each pack.
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, barley, and all-natural ingredients.
  • Full of probiotics, Vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and some other necessary nutrients.
  • Good dog food for both little and adult dogs.


  • It is very good for your little puppy’s microbiome for optimal digestive health.
  • It tastes good and is affordable.


  • A few buyers complained about some side effects.

Why Will You Like This Product?

This dog treat is very much nutritious as it contains all-natural ingredients. Besides, it comes with a chewable size for your dog.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dog Food

When you need a diet solution for your dog, you can rely on Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Dog Food. With perfect kibble shapes, this formula is suggested by over 220 veterinarians.
It has all the important nutrients along with real lamb, chicken, and salmon protein to make sure your pet is having a healthy and safe corn gluten meal.

This balanced protein is highly researched. For the nutritious immune system of your dog, you can prefer having this pack. Moreover, this food will help the dog get healthy coats, stools, and skin. One of the best Chewy Hills dog foods.

Key Features

  • Weight: Approximately 15 pounds per pack.
  • Main flavor: Chicken and corn gluten meal
  • Contains flavorful natural ingredients, medically proven antioxidants, essential minerals,
  • Vitamin E supplement, and amino acids.
  • Made for adult dogs.


  • The productive outcome of weight reduction is confirmed in no more than 10 weeks.
  • Helps to maintain lean muscle.


  • Some users felt that the size of the pellet was smaller than what was mentioned.

Why Will You Like This Product?

This diet pack helps your dog to get enduring weight maintenance. In addition, it does not have any artificial additives, flavors, or colors.

Hill's Science Diet

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws for Small Breed

Well, it’s another solution by Hill’s Science if you want a dog food diet with all-natural nutrients. First, I need to remind you that it’s the perfect food for young breed dogs.

Many taste this chicken meal-made dog food of young dog bread, and there are no sorts of side effects that bother them. Besides, most dogs like to eat this treat a lot.

A whole-grain corn chicken meal is used with some natural ingredients to make this pet food whole-grain wheat. It helps them to have smooth digestion and keeps them active all day long with all essential nutrients.

Key Features

  • Weight: A slight more or less than 4.5 Pounds.
  • Calorie intake: 3741 kcal/kg (371 kcal/cup)
  • Includes vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Suitable for the adult canine.


  • This is made with easily digestible food components for your puppy’s tummy.
  • A special antioxidant is used that gets absorbed quickly to support a better immune system.


  • There are some changes in the ingredients that might not suit your dog’s stomach.

Why Will You Like This Product?

It helps your dog to get a coat healthy and skin. Additionally, high-quality protein supports your dog to have lean muscles.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

5. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites Chicken Meal

Presenting another adult dog food comes in dry form. The food is made of all-natural ingredients and maintains a balance of minerals, vitamins, protein, and other essential elements. We are informing you first if your dog is under 7. This product is not appropriate for your dog.

Another useful thing is the good use of omega 6, vitamin E, and fatty acids. These nutrients help to hold shiny and coat healthy skin.

Pet food improves the digestion system of your dog as well. Happy to know that there is no use of harmful chemicals and other artificials. So, why wait for more when you are well-known for this product?

Key Features

  • All balanced nutrients and corn gluten meal
  • No digestion problem.
  • No use of artificial chemicals.
  • Appropriate for dogs from 7.
  • Improves the immune system, liver, and heart.


  • Delicious and tasty flavor.


  • Don’t buy it if your dog is under 7

Why will you like this product?

The main facility of this food is ensuring a safe immune system which is highly required for all pet dogs.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

6. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

If you want to treat your dog with some chicken meal dry food, This can also be a good choice. Hill’s Science always stays one step above when it’s about the pet treat. However, this food pack comes with 3 different size variations.

Besides, it is full of all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. All the small breed dog samples also taste the taste of this bite-size food.

The nutrients of this wet food treat ensure healthy skin, coat, and digestion. Also, it is quite affordable and works as a source of antioxidants. Additionally, the kibble shapes as chewable food always attract dogs.

Key Features

  • Weight: 5, 15, or 25 lbs per bag.
  • Ingredients: Chicken, Barley, and all-natural ingredients.
  • Dog age requirement: Small dog breeds of 1 to 6 years.
  • Dry food items are good for hand feed.


  • No artificial color or flavor is used in this item.
  • Full of vitamin E supplements, amino acids, probiotics, and other nutrients.


  • Some dogs face some minor side effects after eating this food.

Why Will You Like This Product?

This food pack ensures combined nutrition for your dog. Besides, it is affordable and comes in different pack sizes.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

7. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult, Perfect Weight

A dog’s weight management is a very crucial fact if you want to keep her healthy. Hill’s Science has brought some dietary food packs special for a dog’s weight management.
This food pack also comes in different sizes, and the treats are bit-size and chewable.

It tastes really good, so, it can be a big threat to your adult dog. The best part of this food pack is its clinically proven weight-managing nutrients. It takes only 10 weeks to improve your dog’s weight with this food. Besides, it contains all-natural ingredients and flavor.

Key Features

  • Weight: 4, 15. And 28.5 lbs in each pack.
  • Chicken Liver Flavor
  • Good for an adult dog of all breeds.
  • Full of necessary nutrients and vitamins.


  • It is proven to increase the weight of your dog.
  • Vitamin E, probiotics, amino acids, and other essential ingredients ensure better health for her.


  • No major problems have been found yet.

Why Will You Like This Product?

Especially if you want to manage your dog’s weight, it is the perfect match. Additionally, you can hand-feed your dog this dry food comfortably.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult

8. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food, Adult, Light for Healthy Weight

I have another dog food for weight management. No need to say that it is again from Hill’s Science. Well, this dog diet is specially formed to help your dog gain weight with balanced nutrients. Not just for health benefits, this dog food is also very good in taste.

This dry food is good for hand feeding, and you can reward your dog with this food for sure. Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Complete Environmental is another one for your puppy.

Unlike most other dog food variations, this one comes in 4 different sizes, so you can get the appropriate size type for your dog. It is made with all-natural ingredients, and you will use it for the greatest benefits.

Key Features

  • Product weight: 13 oz can, 5 lb., 15 lb, and 30 lb in size.
  • Ingredients: Chicken Liver Flavor, barley, and other natural ingredients.
  • Age range: Adult dogs of all breeds.
  • Good for your dog’s weight management.


  • Comes with 18 percent fewer calories and no artificial sugar.
  • Good for her skin as it contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E.


  • No serious issues have been found yet.

Why Will You Like This Product?

If you think about the best part of this product, the nutrients will be one to consider. Besides, it has guarantees on taste and weight gaining ability.

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food, Adult

9. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food, Puppy, Small Paws for Small Breeds

If you have a very small breed and young dog and want to treat her to something tasty, I have a recommendation. This food diet from Hill’s Science will make her happy. This all-natural dog treat is made of chicken flavor and barley.

Besides, it doesn’t contain any artificial color or flavor. It comes with small bite-size compounds that are taste and chewable. DHA from fish soybean oil is used to form this food, and it ensures a better immune system. An antioxidant blend is also used for her growth and healthy skin.

Key Features

  • Product weight: 4.5 lb. and 15 lb. in size.
  • Ingredients: Made of chicken, barley, and other natural ingredients.
  • Age range: small dogs of all breeds.
  • Good for your dog’s healthy skin and immune system.


  • Full of vitamin E, Omega XI folic acid, amino acids, and probiotics.
  • Certified by veterans and other pet food examiners.


  • A few dogs face some minor side effects with it.

Why Will You Like This Product?

For a small breed dog, this pack of food is incomparable. It is good in nutrients, taste, and size too.

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food, Puppy, Small Paws

10. Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Complete Skin & Derm Complete Dog Food Reviews

Now it’s time for the last, but not least, the listed product, which is for an adult dog. Hill’s Science is aware of dogs’ tastes and created this product with delicious chicken meals and barley flavor. It comes in dry form and is more appropriate for adult dogs.

When most chewy hill foods are created to improve a dog’s overall health, this product comes with an additional benefit. Chewy dry food is beneficial for dogs’ dental health. The manufacturers designed it using an exceptional interlocking fiber technology that is certified as a safe formula. This is the main reason behind dental care capability.

However, you can’t deny it has sufficient health nutrients. It contains all-natural ingredients such as vitamins, omega-6, fatty acids, and others. The product comes in a packet of 4 pounds. It’s not all. There are a lot more benefits of the product you will find after feeding it to your doggo.

Key Features

  • The vitamin C, and E used in the food maintains a healthy coat and skin.
  • Freshens the breath and makes the teeth whiter.
  • You can use it as diet food.
  • Suits are better for adult dogs.
  • Designed using Kibble technology.
  • Packet weight: 4 pounds.


  • Delicious food for your dog.
  • Easy recipe.


  • Not very good for dealing with weak bones.

Why will you like this product?

The best thing is it works as a dental care food for dogs. If tartar buildup reduces plaque. Moreover, it helps your dog to get rid of bad breath and makes its teeth whiter.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

11. Hill’s Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food

Hill packing company prescription food previous dog’s food sensitivities. It is the #1 vet-recommended dog food. Hill’s prescription diet is protected from kidney disease and urinary tract health. It is a riboflavin supplement to hill foods by cracked pearled barley.

As a pet parent, this formula supports skin barriers, chicken fat, pork fat, and egg products Also, hill’s Food Prescription Diet foods can help your dog continue to enjoy a happy and active life.

Buying Guide for the Best Hilly Pets Foods

Now it’s time to share a buying guide for the best hilly chew dog foods. Here I will discuss some essential points that will help you to figure out the best product for your loving friend. Are you happy to read our chewy hills dog food article?

The Nutrients According to Dog’s Age

The first thing to look at on the hilly chew dog food is the nutrient detail. Next, consider it depending on the age of the dog. Some of us think food with high nutrients is the best one.

But the main fact is can your dog take that many nutrients? However, sometimes hill food can be used for cat food or healthy food. Over-nutritious food can be harmful to your dog if your dog is a small one, you have to maintain the nutrition level even more.

Adult dogs can digest the maximum types of food. However, effective dog food mainly contains 6 types of nutrients. I will shortly discuss them.

Hill’s prescription diet dog food

Hill’s Prescription Diet offers science-based therapeutic nutrition food. Hills prescription diet i/d dog food? Also, it is specific health conditions or nutritional needs with hill’s science diet or chewy dog food. Watching the video the hill’s dog food brands.

Hill’s Derm Complete Ingredients

1. Protein: Protein is useful to build muscle, bones, and skin. It also supports a whole-grain corn body and makes your dog energetic, and whole-grain wheat where animal protein helps it to get more energy

2. Carbohydrates: They provide a huge amount of energy that helps the dog to pass an active day. How to balance hills diet or hills food. Hill’s ideal balance, must be contained in your pet foods potassium chloride, zinc oxide, pea fiber, mixed tocopherols, copper sulfate, etc.

3. Fiber: Fiber improves your dog’s digestion system and helps digest both regular and irregular food. Brown rice is the first ingredient is includes minerals, vitamins, niacin supplements, and amino or folic acid to promote lean muscles. Suitable for adult dogs of all sizes.

4. Fats: Want to see your dog in healthy skin? Ensure fat in their food. Brown rice or brewer rice and whole-grain sorghum are suitable for a puppy. They also eat grain such as Chinese sorghum, corn, millet, oats, fresh chicken, and buckwheat.

5. Vitamin: Dogs require vitamins C, E, and A, brewer rice, lactic acid, pea protein, iodized salt, zinc oxide, and pork meal. Vitamin improves their immune system and ensures attractive skin and a healthy coat.

6. Minerals: The functions of vitamins and minerals are almost the same. In addition, minerals help in building bones and teeth. Niacin supplement is another acid.

No Artificial Flavor

Some dog food comes with artificial flavors and colors. They look and taste great, but ultimately, they are highly dangerous for your pet. So before selecting one, make sure there is no use of artificials.

Chemicals are another harmful ingredient. Some companies use different types of preservatives and chemicals to make their product stay longer. Such ingredients can harm the dog and cause different diseases such as cancer, food poisoning, etc.

Taste of the best Hills dog foods

It is another major issue. Suppose you have bought a highly nutritious food, but the taste is bad. As a consequence, your dog will never eat with satisfaction. So, what is the use of this food?

Must check out the flavor of the food. Make sure your dog loves it. If you are not, purchase a small pack if available and understand the taste.

Price and Amount

There are different types of products available with different prices and different packet sizes. You can get one from 1 lb to 30 lbs+. I generally suggest using the large packets if your dog is used to the food. If this is the first time trying any new dog food brands, get one of the small packs. There is no guarantee that your dog will like the flavor or not.

Again, the next thing is to consider the price. There is some food which sones with excessive price. I don’t suggest anyone get such products. There is nothing more special. So get one of medium budget.

How do I know to trust these reviews about Hills Pet Foods?

Hill’s is a portion of science-based diet food for your pets. This company always emphasizes quality and product development. Hill’s pet food uses high-quality ingredients, adds an extra layer to its products, and then daily checks its safety and quality.

  • Consumer verified reviewed
  • Type: Dry food
  • Breed size: All breeds
  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Weight: 5, 15, 33-pound bags

Who Makes Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food?

A blind man named Morris Frank in the US had founded Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. Hill’s dog food is made in the USA in Topeka, Kansas. But some of the ingredients food are imported from abroad country.

FAQ for the Best Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

Is Hills dog food good for dogs?

Once there was a complaint about the use of vitamin D in dog chew food. Vitamin D is a nutritious element, but this element’s overuse can cause serious health problems such as kidney damage, poisoning, etc.

There are too many good products, and in this article, I have already mentioned 10 products. They all come with a balance in all major nutrition.

But you have to follow one thing the age and need for nutrition for your dog. Some of the food may not be appropriate for your dog. So before getting one, check out the level of nutrition and make sure that it will go well with your dog.

Do you need Hill’s prescription diet dog food?

Well, generally, you don’t need any precipitation for this. Most of them come with a good nutrition balance, and they are clinically certified products.

However, some food is known as adult dog food. If you have a little puppy, then you should check every fact about using a random product. It’s better if you ask a veterinarian before using it.

Who makes the healthiest dog food?

Hill’s Science is one of the best chew dog food manufacturers. They maintain the 95% rules and 6 major nutrient balances. Moreover, all their food is highly recommended by veterinarians.

However, some of their good has a few issues, but ultimately, most of their production is kind of a blessing for dogs.


Hopefully, you have no more confusion about Hills dog food reviews. Let me make you happy by saying all of our recommended products are chosen after consulting with 2 certified veterinarians.

Well, if you have a small dog, then I will suggest asking a veterinarian. I hope there will be no problem. Another thing to consider is whether the taste of the food is liked by your dog or not.

So take a look at the nutrients again and order the best food for your dog. That’s all my today’s article about, hills science diet dog food reviews.

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