Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad; According to the Veterinary Certify Information

Every animal has varieties in their food habit to take nutrition. Fewer taste buds than human which touch on the perceived smell and flavors in their food. So, the puppy food can not appetizing for human grade.

Now you have a common question about how dogs taste food, you know dogs have around 1700 taste buds compared with 9000 found in humans. In this blog post we will cover, we discuss about Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad.

This is the fact that why their power to taste different types of smells, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Let’s make reading the real facts that work behind the reality.

Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad; Dog Smells Better Than Human

Why does dog food taste bad?

You know generally, dog has a better sense of smell than humans. The dog has an exceptional smell power which is around 40 times better than ours but they take flavor very far from, it depending on the particular dog.

How far away can dogs smell and hear? it is about 20 km away which can a dog to smell objects or people.

Why Dog Food Tastes Bad to Humans

Dog meals would be different types to humans. The main reason dogs can digest multiple foods like the human that they can do anything that can not diest to a human.

These facts can be considered when making a dog for your pup. Let’s see some ingredients that are similar to human but something diverse reason consist of.

  • Protein: Higher levels of animal proteins like chicken, beef, or fish to satisfy a dog’s craving for meaty, umami flavors.
  • Flavor: It has salty or sour tastes, as dogs do not have a strong preference for these flavors.
  • Sweets: Sweet ingredients like fruits and vegetables to appeal to a dog’s sweet tooth.
  • Seasoning: Human foods use many spices, and sugar and control fat levels but dog food lacks these teams.
  • Lower Quality: Most of dog food uses lower ingredients that can unpleasant taste in humans.

So, the combination of these foods is only dog-friendly. Only them using the special flavor, aroma, and spices, that a human can not take but the dog can.

dog food taste bad

Why Do Dog Food/Treats Taste Bad to Us But Good for Dogs?

If you compare with humans dog taste buds are less receptive to some flavors. Dogs do not like the taste of the spoiled flavor of meat and sweetness. Also, the dog brain is more wired than the human brain for survival on a different level.

A famous Scientist in Korea announced that the more nutritionally sound a dog diet less pleasure they feel from the good food. On the other hand, if the dog is on an unbalance or poor diet then good food light up their brains like Xmas.

Does Dog Food Taste Good to Humans? Differences in Taste Preferences

Dog food or treats are made with a variety of ingredients that are appealing and nutritious to dogs. Let’s see the differences between humans’ and dogs’ nutritional needs.

Taste Preferences:

Humans and dogs have a variety of taste consumers. However, the dog is known to be attracted to many flavors like grain, fat, and meat, which are considered in dog food and treats.

On the other side, humans have a more diverse palate but they find the taste of dog food unappealing that tailored is not preferences.


Dogs have a longer and stronger sense of smell compared to humans, which helps you choose any foodstuff. Dog food and treats are often packed to have a long-lasting aroma that appeals to dogs.

When even if the humans smell unappetizing. The smell can be massive boring to us, simply you can remove your dog’s bad breath with home remedies.


Dogs always love the texture of dog food and treats, which are mostly designed to be chewy or crunchy to protect dental health and provide sensory stimulation.

However, humans may not appreciate the texture of these furry meals, it is not a perception of human preferences.

Nutritional Needs:

Every dog treats and food has different specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements. Although, dogs are omnivores with a various digestive system and nutritional needs equate to humans.

The ingredients in puppy food are selected to give the necessary nutrients for the dog to thrive, even if the human may not taste good.

Frequently Asked Question

What Ingredients in Dog Food Make It Taste Bad to Humans

There are several ingredients to mix with dog food which is not suitable for the human body. Like, the low-cost items, loose flavor, high plant protein, preservation, and prioritizing.

Do dogs actually like the taste of dog food?

Yes. there is no alternative reason, all the ingredients are suitable especially for dogs, not humans. Even they have texture and scent and reduce the number of taste buds.

Is it OK to taste dog food?

No, it is toxic for human begins but in an emergency may not be used. However, taking dog food increases the risk of developing a foodborne illness.

There is a massive risk for children for growth complications related to illness so please avoid it.

Why does dog food taste bad to humans but good to dogs?

Why is dog food tasteless? Humans have many receptors but dogs have only 1700 which means your sense of taste of food is more powerful than a dog. So fewer taste buds mean food tastes blend to dogs but not at all.

Final Words

So, Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad many several reasons for dog food for bad for humans. At the whole discussion, We try to uphold the whole facts. I think these factors can help you understand and if you want to more know about this topic to visit this.

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