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In world history, we know many heartwarming tales between animals and humans. Among them some are true and some are made from human emotion. Today we are picking such a kind of true story that is unbelievable, and heart-touching. Have you ever apprehended the dog Hachi? There were made few movies depending on this true story.

Now, we are going to inform “you what kind of dog is Hachi”. Hachi was a Japanese dog who is famous for his incredible loyalty to his owner professor Hidesaburo Ueno.

Hachi was an Akita Inu who lived in Japan. He was born on 10 November 1923and it was passed away on 08 March 1935.In addition that he is still alive on humans for his loyalty. In this article, we are going to talking what kind of dog is Hachi.

What is the meaning of Hachiko?

The word Hachiko means ‘good fortune’. Generally used as a girl’s name. In Japan, it is known as “chuken Hachiko” which means ‘faithful dog Hachiko’. According to Japanese, Hachi means” eight” (gender-neutral). Furthermore, ‘KO’ is used as a suffix in Japan. Finally, I would like to say Hachiko is directly converted as Mr. Eight or Sir Eight.

It is often referred to as Hachi an Akita dog. He is famously known for his loyalty and the touching story of waiting for his deceased owner at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan. The story of Hachiko has become a symbol of loyalty and devotion, and a statue of him at Shibuya Station is a well-known milestone.

What kind of Dog is Hachi

Hachiko dog story

It is a famous true story about a loyal dog Hachiko. Hachiko was a white Akita Inu who was born in Japan on 10 November 1923.

He was brought up on a farm located in Odata, Japan. In 1924, he got a chance to change his home. Professor Hideesaburo Uneo took Hachiko as his pet.

So, he brought up Hachiko as well as he plays with Hachiko. Furthermore, Hachiko would leave his professor at Shibuya railway station. After finishing his work professor meets with Hachi at Shibuya station all day. It continued until 21 May 1925.

On this day the Hachi left the professor at Shibuya Station like all other days. But the professor had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and he died while delivering lectures in his classroom.

By the way, each day every morning the train reached time Hachi waiting at Shibuya station until it died. This incident attracted others and they made a statue of his loyalty and to remain Hachi. After Hachi’s death, they buried Hachi inside the tomb of Professor.

What type of Dog is Hachiko?

Hachiko is an original Japanese dog that is very intelligent, loyal, active, and sometimes independent. Sometimes it can be larger than others. Hachiko is so much a working dog as well as a friendly dog for a family member.

It is so much watching a dog who takes care of your house means who enters the house or who leaves the house. He can decide if any stranger enters the house. So you might know about the unknown or interesting facts about the most loyal dog.

What breed of dog is Hachiko?

The breed of the dog Hachiko is quite easy. The breed is said to be similar to like a cat. Also, it is pretty perfect and grooming about itself. It is so much working hard. But for their breeding, maybe you could face some problems because sometimes it can be larger than others.

Furthermore, it has some house training problems. Just those are the quiet cons of this dog. Otherwise, it is a quite nice, loyal, and adorable pet. You may choose it.

Akita Dog or Akita Inu

Is Akita a good family dog?

I would like to say Akita achieves both features. He is loyal and affectionate toward his family members. On the contrary, he is more dangerous and aggressive toward other dogs outside the family. Sometimes it is difficult to control and breed a large-size Hachi dog.

Is Hachi a real dog?

Obviously, Why not? Yes, there are many movies, stories, and poems about Hachi who is adorable and loyal to his owner. Maybe you know about it from those sources and thought is it a real dog? Vigorously, it is a real dog. It is a true story.

What is the best loyal dog?

All dogs are loyal and adorable. Among those, we consider Hachi to be the best loyal dog ever. Here are some reasons why we consider Hachi the best loyal dog. You may be surprised to know that Hachi comes to the Shibuya Station 9 months 15 days at 3:00 pm every day to receive his owner.

Also, Akita were strong guards and hunting dogs in northern Japan. It also shows protective behavior. That makes him the best loyal dog.

What’s so great about the movie Hachiko?

Akita Inu Dog

It is so great about unconditional love. Also about a bond between a guy who shelters the dogs, who brought up him, and who is his partner.

It makes it more heartbroken that a dog waits for its owner without knowing that he will never be back.

It also teaches us that if a person leaves you who takes care of you and waits for you, keep his mind even though you know he will never be back.


Q: What breed is the dog in Hachi?

The breed of the Hachi dog is similar to a cat. It is very caring about itself. It has some house training problems.

Q: Was Hachi an Akita or Shiba?

The statue which is in Japan is the origin of Hachiko. He is an Akito Inu. They have large paws, small ears, and also have a thicker outer coat.

Q: Is an Akita a good family dog?

Akita is a family dog that is most impressive and attractive to family members as well as may be aggressive to others. But, their charm and intelligence make it more.

Q: How much is an Akita dog?

The cost of Akita is pretty high. It is almost $700 to $1,600.It can be more if the dog comes from an authentic parent who won the dog competition. It can be $40,000 for a pure breed, Akita.

Is Akita Good With Kids?

Generally, Akita is good with all family members. It is easy for older children to control Akitas. But remember that all the time, Akitas dogs don’t tolerate any sort of nonsense. They take it seriously. He is so caring for himself.


What kind of dog is Hachi? I hope that in this article we were able to understand what kind of dog is Hachi. After all, if you have any questions about it. You may drop it in our comment Box.

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