Tennis Balls Alternative For Dogs; Your Dogs Must be Love

If you are a dog owner you have to choose the right kinds of dog toys for your puppy. Many pet owners want a tennis ball alternative for dogs. We come here to help out with that safer tennis ball alternative for your puppy.

Basically what kinds of dogs do you have, actually we focus the dog behavior like crazy, fighter, gentle, and so on. Have ever heard your veterinarian tell you that too much tennis ball play will wear your dog’s teeth down? Now, tennis ball alternatives are some of the dog toys that you should actively play with your dog when you supervise.

But you should never just leave the ball out of the puppy to play the ball is put away. A tennis ball is abrasive and wears down a dog can it by her teeth slowly. It would cause long-term damage and allow infections to set into the root.

Now you have a question arise, are tennis balls safe for dogs? The straightforward answer is no. There’s some reason let’s have a look!

Firstly, A dog can abrasive sandpaper of the fuzzy yellow felt of a tennis ball. This yellow fuzzy is dirty, with sand, and debris attached to it as well. This dirty rubbish can rough sandpaper on your pup’s teeth.

Secondly, the second reason is that when your dog splits a tennis ball in half. It is a choking hazard if your spilled ball is lodged in the back of your dog’s throat.

Third, there is no rule when the tennis ball is manufactured with standards or regulations. By allowing you to use the ball for your dog to chew. You never know if you are letting them microdoses of unknown toxins. So be careful but some tennis ball brands becoming aware of it.

So if you are surprised by why tennis balls are bad for dogs, we think these main three reasons to help you choose an alternative a different ball. If you have picky eaters let’s have a look! So you have enough time to read out the whole reason and just want to know the durable tennis ball alternative for dogs, here you go!

  • Pick For A Tennis Ball Alternative for Dogs
  • Lightweight Tennis Ball Alternative
  • Great Solid Rubber Ball For Dogs
  • A Great Tennis Ball Alternative For Extreme Chewers
  • Excellent Ball for a Dog That Loves to Chew

tennis ball alternative for dogs

Are Tennis Balls Bad for Dogs

Yes, it’s bad for dogs because for some reason why tennis balls are not safe for dogs. It is really bad for their teeth even if they will swallow part of the balls. Are tennis balls bad for dogs?

Tennis balls are bad for dogs not only because to harm their teeth but also as a choking hazard that once spilled apart and torn off. Some tennis balls made with toxic plastic will not digest the animal’s tummy. Therefore, we recommended using a tennis ball alternative for dogs.

Durable Tennis Balls Alternative for Dogs

Sometimes, you have to need these balls for your dog that are safe alternatives to tennis balls for dogs. So this alternative to rope toys for dogs.

1. ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball, Medium, 2 Count

Most of the time we play in the evening with a dog. Sometimes when the sun is starting to go down this ball keeps going even after the sun goes down. Your dog must be loving it and it’s simple and easy to clean. It has 5 minutes under any light that generates 25/30 minutes of glowing playtime.

It is designed the keep in mind you and your pup and it has fully interactive indoor or outdoor dog toys. For example tumblers, flyers, fetch toys, chew toys & more. It is an attractive toy that helps the puppies and dogs stay engaged

What We Like Most

 ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball, Medium

  • It fits the medium Chuckit sport launcher
  • It is a bouncy ball, frisbee, indoor & outdoor, and glow dog toy.
  • Your dog will love its textured grip-able rubber ball
  • It glows in the dark and floats but eventually sinks
  • Chuckit is charged quickly and washable

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • It is a tennis ball alternative but it’s not a dog to chew.
  • But love your to fetch and bring the ball this is great for you

2. The Chuckit! Whistler Ball

It is another lightweight tennis ball alternative that is great for your dog. It has a great advantage for your pup because this whistle has a hole in the center, so if your dog takes it will not block the airway if it gets ingested. Also, are you looking for a solid rubber dog ball this is perfect for you.

It is also a washable ball even if we know dogs obsessed with fetch put sloppier on the ball it attacks all kinds of dirt from any surface. When I am playing with my Goosey my dog loves it. It will be an excellent choice for a household with multiple dogs and playing fetch in a park.

What We Like Most

  • Every ball has a hole in the center
  • Whistling helps the dogs track it
  • It is exceptionally durable.
  • It is a right orange that helps me track it when the dogs quit
  • It makes a whistling sound as it flies

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • Never put them in water
  • They’re not indestructible

The Chuckit! Whistler Ball

3. Chuckit! Fetch Medley Ball Set Dog Toys

It is a great solid rubber ball for dogs. It is an aggressive chewer yet is in the dog’s mouth. This particular ball is the most popular ball at the dog park and garden and your home fun with your dogs and cat.

This is an excellent tennis ball alternative that is made of natural, non-toxic, rubber and will not wear your puppy’s teeth down. It is lightweight and your dog plays easily without any noise.

You would have followed your dog after giving them these toys, they must stay engaged and don’t suck your furniture and others. So it has better bounce balls, frisbees, indoor dog toys, glow toys, and various od pet products for dogs, cats, and other small animals.

What We Like Most

  • A thicker rubber core for aggressive chewers
  • It is a light-up interactive toy
  • Chuckit! for ball launchers
  • These are durable for long-term use
  • Strong dog toys that easy to clean

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • Nothing is truly indestructible
  • There is a slight tear ball

Chuckit! Fetch Medley Ball Set Dog Toys

4. KONG – CoreStrength Bone

KONG - CoreStrength Bone

It is another great ball that tennis ball alternative you use as a special. Kong is a multilayer core for long-term use, the textured body is great for cleaning teeth and gums.

It is designed to extend the playing and training sessions for ongoing fun.

One single kong for a single dog is perfect you don’t worry about this ball carrying down your dog’s teeth as a tennis ball does.

It is more chewer because it adds extra toughness making it great for the chewer. One of the most important things is to give better satisfaction to your dogs.

What We Like Most

  • It helps your dog’s teeth clean
  • It will not damage with extreme chewers
  • It is a standard-size ball launcher
  • To delight the most playful of your dog
  • Ideal for independent play interactive toss and retrieve

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • It doesn’t bounce high
  • The ball does not float

5. West Paw Zogoflex Jive Ball Dog Chew Toy

West Paw is a safe alternative to tennis balls for dogs, it is an excellent ball for dogs that is great to chew. This toy is a very durable tennis ball alternative for dogs and it is perfect for fetch and features a unique shape for engaging your puppy. Also, it has many features which are light enough, floatatable, fetch, high bounce, and chase in all terrains.

To play in the water it can be a great entertaining dog toy and keep floating squishy, making it the perfect dog water toy. It is easy to recycle dog balls that are Made in the USA, FDA Compliant, latex-free, and come with a guarantee against damage.

What We Like Most

  • It is excellent for a chewer and stays intact
  • It is an amazing tennis ball alternative floats
  • Various sizes for different life stages of a dog
  • Higher bounce and a beautiful shape
  • It is dishwasher-safe dog toys

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • It is very hardball not for small dogs
  • It isn’t a straight-line ball

West Paw Zogoflex Jive Ball Dog Chew Toy

6. Kong — HDP Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

Kongs are the most recognizable dog toys from year to year. It has a-holes in the center that allow for the little treats to fit inside on a rope. So it can be called by alternative to rope toys for dogs. Are Kong tennis balls safe for dogs? yes, it’s safe for your dog because it non-toxic ball.

So keep this ball bouncing higher almost the ball is solid and isn’t filled with pressurized air which could be dangerous for your dog when chewing but safe with no air on it. This solid rubber makes it a little bit heavier.

Further, it is perfect for small dog breeds, the kong claims that they are the most durable dog toy on the market. It is not enough floating but is a great option for giving your dog a bit of a workout with puppy energy.

What We Like Most

Kong — HDP Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

  • Alternative to rope toys for dogs
  • It is puncture-resistant
  • Extreme bounce kong
  • Toughest durable formula
  • Made in the USA and durability, longevity

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • Isn’t for large dog
  • Not found more

7. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball

It is the toughest durable dog toy made of a single piece of rubber with unique diamond textures that are designed for aggressive chewers, chasing, catching, and fetching. Planet Dog Orbee is a durable tennis ball for dogs with and higher bounce with float for hours of interactive play.

This Diamond Plate ball is 3.25″ in diameter which is considered larger than a standard tennis ball. It can be differentiated between baseball and softball. If your puppy is over 20lbs and under 100lbs would be fine and the ball to be a good size.

It is an all-around great toy for any dog’s little larger dog. So it depends on your pup’s mouth size with 3 inches in height, and 9 ¼ inches measured around with a tape measure but you also can squeeze it.

What We Like Most

  • Different colors and sizes are available
  • Made of high-quality TPE, from BPA, Lead, and phthalate-free
  • It is hollow and flexible and the jaws worker
  • We haven’t found any other toys like that as longer
  • It is completely safe for your dog

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • No toy is indestructible
  • Your dog does not choke

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball

8. Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle

Do you want to encourage your pup to play it is the only option that is to reduce anxious dog behavior and redirect destructive behavior. Nina Ottosson is a safe material you can trust that is easily designed with your pet’s health in mind.

It is the puzzle that puts your dog to work and focuses their attention, you know that puzzle is a great way to distract dogs from fireworks and thunderstorms or other situations where dogs become more anxious.

As Nina Ottosson Puzzles can help you to build a relationship with a new dog. You can also use these puzzles to practice and train your dog like some basic commands, sit, and stay.

What We Like Most

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle

  • Exercises your dog’s mind
  • It can help fight boredom & reduce destructive behavior
  • Works best with small treats or kibble
  • Fun for all breeds, sizes, & ages
  • It has 20 hidden treat compartments

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • No Drawback found the effective
  • No toy is indestructible

9. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle is a great ball for all ages and sizes, are you looking for this for yourself? It does not require any batteries and it intensifies play-your-dog playtime with a secret internal tube noisemaker inside the ball.

Giggle sounds for sure your pup will engage become a natural curiosity to the instinct to play. Especially when you shake or roll it out the dog becomes surprised and active with getting entertainment throughout the day and providing a better experience.

It catches your dog’s attention wherever you play indoors or outdoors and is perfect for use everywhere.

What We Like Most

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

  • Fun for Dogs of All Ages
  • Helps keep dogs happy, healthy, and fit
  • Perfect for everywhere to play
  • Their 4 clutch pockets allow dogs to easily pick it up
  • When shaken the ball tube inside the ball emits a sound

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • It is not flexible
  • Isn’t a soft material on the outside

10. PETIZER Squeaky Dog Ball Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This is a durable tennis ball alternative for dogs and it is a safe alternative to tennis balls for dogs because it is made of non-toxic, durable, food-grade, and eco-friendly natural rubber materials. It is so soft and elastic that this toy is safe for your dog.

It will enrich the human-animal bond by allowing you to play tossing and fetching games with pets on the lawn, ground, lake, or pool. Petizer rubber ball has a spiked surface with a 10mm thickness that is perfect for the chewer. Some dogs have a shortage of energy and are lazy but these toys make sure of their enthusiasm.

What We Like Most

  • It is teething, chewing, tossing, and fetching the ball for puppies
  • Non-toxic natural rubber provides you a better safety
  • The squeaky sound makes the dog cheer up and excited
  • It makes sure a great relationship between your dog and you
  • Both indoor and outdoor enhance your dog’s

What We Didn’t Like Most

  • It is bigger than a tennis ball but a softball
  • It has pointy knobs

PETIZER Squeaky Dog Ball Toy

Benefits of using A tennis ball alternative for dogs

It is better for your dog’s teeth and it does not act like sandpaper blunting the tooth of your pup.
It is safer and is designed for your dogs to play with regularly but a tennis ball has many toxins. Dog won’t be able to de-fuzz the ball as most tennis ball alternatives are made of solid rubber balls.

It does not look like a bad small tennis ball, it sounds good small and covered in dog sloper. Alternatives on tennis balls and dog toys won’t be pieces of rubber and fuzz for your dog to ingest.

Why You Need Tennis Ball Alternative for Your Dogs

Most of the main reason is that your dog is very chewer or jaws and always tries to suck your furniture and cut anything that he gets easily in front of him. Especially many vets recommend that toys are of greater benefit to become strong teeth for your dog.

So you must use the safer tennis ball alternatives above. So we select the most reviewed and best seller dog toys for your dog which is absolutely for your dog breed. Choose one which is size is perfect and color and enjoy.

Dog toys for aggressive chewers large dogs

If you have aggressive chewers, we strongly recommend dog toys for aggressive chewers. Here you find dog toys for aggressive chewers for large dogs and small dog breeds.

dogs toys for aggressive chewers

What balls are similar to tennis balls?

Some balls similar to tennis balls include:

  • Padel balls: They are used in the sport of padel, which is a mix of tennis and squash. Padel balls have a similar size and bounce as tennis balls.
  • Platform tennis balls: These are used in platform tennis, a racquet sport played on a smaller court. Platform tennis balls are also similar in size and bounce to tennis balls.
  • Table tennis balls: While much smaller than tennis balls, table tennis balls are also round and used in a racquet sport. They have different material and bounce characteristics but share some similarities with tennis balls.
  • Squash balls: Squash balls come at different speeds, with the faster balls being similar in size and bounce to tennis balls.

Final Words

The dog is always a toy lover and chews. Dogs will love the ball that they choose the most, But it is important to keep in mind what activities are you doing today, your ball must be a floating and durable tennis ball alternative for dogs.

These alternatives to tennis balls for dogs are suitable for any dog breed. So you can use all of the above ball alternatives to tennis balls for dogs.

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