How to Boost Cell Signal in Home; The 7 Best Ways

Think of a moment when you need to make an urgent call, send an SMS, or post an image, but your cell phone shows no signal then! This is really annoying! And at that moment you definitely would want to throw down your cell phone violently, right? So How to Boost Cell Signal in Home?

Yes, obviously you would want to do it. But now you don’t have to do that as there is a great solution to this annoying problem of cell phone signals.

So, in this article, I will break down some surprising ways in which you can boost cell signals in your home. So, let’s get started.

How to Boost Cell Signal in Home 7 Surprising Ways to Improve Cell Signals in Home

How to Boost Cell Signal in Home

1.    Invest in a Cell Signal Booster

This is the most effective way to boost your cell phone signal in your home. A cell phone booster has three components: an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna, and a booster unit.

  • Outdoor Antenna: The outdoor antenna pulls the cell signal from the nearest cell tower and sends the signal to the booster unit.
  • Indoor Antenna: The booster unit captures the signal from the outdoor antenna, amplifies it as much as it can, and sends it to the indoor unit.
  • Booster Unit: The indoor antenna captures the amplified cell signal from the booster unit and spreads the signal throughout your entire house in accordance with its coverage capacity.

Finally, your cell phone receives that reliable signal from the indoor unit. You will find many cell phone signal boosters in the market that have indeed a great value for their quality. Try WIFI Calling.

Though Wi-Fi calling is not a technical method of boosting your cell signal, you can use Wi-Fi to make calls when you can’t get a signal on your phone. It’s such an important feature that most smartphones come with it and enable it to make calls or send SMS using Wi-Fi.

2.    Use a Femtocell or Microcell

If you want to use a low-power base station that carries cellular voice calls and data into your home via the internet, you may use a Femtocell (also called a Microcell).

It creates a signal source and thus enhances the cell signal coverage, especially for a single room. Where there is no cell signal both outside or inside, the Femtocell could be the best option to enhance the cell signal coverage.

Basically, in rural areas where there is no cell signal available, it will be better to use a Femtocell. But you have to be sure whether your carrier supports it.

3.    Change Your Location

You can move closer to your house’s window to get a better signal. Usually, construction materials, including concrete, brick, block, sheet metal, and siding, interfere badly with the cell signal.

So, in a building, the best cell signal you will find is close to the window and you may open the window to get a solid signal. Or you may change your location near the cell tower for a better cellular signal.

4.    Change Carriers

Sometimes it may happen that the carrier you use that’s network coverage is not so powerful in the region you live. So, in this case, you may try another carrier that provides better network coverage in your region.

Check the network coverage map for each carrier including Verizon, Sprint,  T-Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular, to find out which carrier is best for your area.

5.    Ensure “Your Phone is Good Condition”

Sometimes, your cell phone’s network IC may be spoiled, and it can’t hold the signal properly. In this case, you have to fix the problem with a cell phone technician or change your cell phone.

Sometimes, your cell phone may require software updates, and you must update the software properly. Furthermore, you can reset your cellphone’s network setting.

6.    Enhance Your Surroundings

As you know, certain objects interfere with cell signals and reduce the signal. You must try to keep your cell phone away from these obstacles as much as possible, including refrigerators, cabinets, solid furniture, and decorative waterfalls.

Besides, you can make open surroundings around your home by cutting overgrown bushes and trees.

How to Boost Cell Signal in Home


You may find many ways to improve your cell signal at home. In this article, I have tried to mention the most effective ways. The most fruitful way is to use a cell phone booster.

The best cell phone signal booster for rural areas can dramatically boost the cell signal in your home. So, no more cell signal problems in your home.

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