We Picked the 10 Best Senior Cat Food Wet – Best of 2024

If you bring a senior feline friend at home or if your kitty is getting older, then you must think of changing their diet system for their health. According to how cats age, their nutrition, and diet should be changed into different necessities.

Cats don’t age visibly as we humans age. They may look very young or healthy outside, but when they will begin to age their daily activity will lessen than before and there will be changes in their food preferences.

Just for the information of cat owners, when we age 64, for cats that age is 12 which is considered the most senior age. So, from when your cat will step in at age 9, you should consider food for older cats. We have reviewed the best senior cat food for you.

This food for senior cats is formulated by keeping in mind the nutritional necessity for them to live longer. With reviews and a buying guide, we have made this article by analyzing nutritional components in it, so you will understand better. Let’s get into the main purpose.

best senior cat food wet

Why Did I Choose Wet Cat Food Not Dry Food? Senior wet cat food

As our feline babies get older day by day, their muscles begin to weaken and their coats begin to shed. So, with high protein, taste, and a great digestive system, wet cat food is the perfect choice for senior cats.

Veterinarians say that older cats often suffer from kidney and bladder diseases because they hate water. So, to find that extra moisture and hydration, wet canned cat food is purposefully beneficial.

Plus, if the senior kitty has any tooth missing, then it will be easy for them to easily eat and digest. In addition, for the soft texture and gravy, canned wet foods seem to be tastier than dry kibble foods.

So, even if your senior kitty is a picky eater, then you don’t have to worry about these. I have picked some very delicious and nutritious senior cat foods after a long research jump into review time.

How to Choose the Best Food for Your Senior Cat

The Rundown Choosing the Best Food and Treats for Your Senior Cat

1. Best for Overweight Older Cats: Purina Pro Plan Senior Canned Wet Cat Food
To keep your chunky cat weight on the watch, you can try out this grain-free senior diet food Purina with salmon & tuna flavor.

2. Best for Twin-Tray Senior Cats: Nutro Perfect Portions Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food
No more hassle or fuss while feeding the babies. Just snap, peel, and serve. No more leftovers!

3. Best for Matured Cats: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Wet Cat Food
Rich in protein and calories, tastes yummy, a delicate texture. Perfect item for matured kitties.

4. Best Veterinarian Recommended Food for Older Cats: Hill’s Scientist Diet Wet Cat Food
US veterinarian’s number 1 recommendation is this one. Checks all the factors of an elderly cat and keeps you tension-free.

5. Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach Senior Cats: Wellness Complete Health (CORE Digestive) Pate Wet Cat Food Has an upset stomach kitty or cat thrown up after a meal? Serve this pate cat food with a feeding direction and see the magic!

6. Best for Senior Cats’ Weight Loss: Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Mature Wet Cat Food Best
Is the senior cat getting chubby? That’s not a good thing. To make their body in proper shape for healthy growth, this food is a solution.

7. Best for Joint Improvement: Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Adult Canned Wet Cat Food
Senior cats’ bone density is weaker than youngers’. It’s very simple. So, to improve their joint and bones, give them this fancy feast for their boost!

8. Best Overall Cat Food for your Senior: Purina ONE High Protein Natural Wet Carpet Food
High in protein, cats get crazy over this food for the fishy-flavored wet food. The shredded texture is irresistible!

9. Best Senior Cat food for Picky Eaters: REVEAL Grain-Free Wet Canned Cat Food
Having a finicky eater is troubling. To make their unique taste satisfied, this one is tasted by many cats and proved to be a great result!

10. Best for Senior Cats’ Constipation: Meow Mix Tender Favorites Wet Cat Food Kitty doesn’t poop properly? This tender wet food will change the scenario within a few days and make your kitty’s digestive system fully clear.

best canned food for senior cats

1. Purina Pro Plan Senior Canned Wet Cat Food

For the first pick, I chose Purina Pro Plan Senior cat food. It has gravy and salmon with tuna mixture. It’s ideal for 11+ aged cats. Keeping in mind the senior cat nutrition necessities, it has the taste and texture they will love.

Provide cat food to use the best cat bowls as a measure. The manufacturers make the formula with fully checked quality and safety for the felines. The real salmon and tuna flavor with some other vitamin supplements are very nourishing for cats’ older ages.

Even if your cat is a picky eater, the science-based formula will be suitable for its unique taste. One thing which Purina never forgets is to use real meat or fish for their food formula which makes it healthier and tastier.

You can feed the 1 can of food per day to a 21/2 lbs weight kitty. Divide the feeding into 2 times.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: The scientific formula is made of real Salmon and tuna. These two are the base ingredients and it has other natural flavors and vitamin supplements with calcium.
  •  Age: The wet canned food is suitable for 11+ aged cats which is the most senior age. If your cat is 21/2 lbs weight, then you can provide this food too.
  • Benefits: This formula is tested to prevent the breakdown of older cat health and prevents shedding coats. It helps to improve their entire health including teeth and muscles. Besides, it improves a healthy immunity system.
  • Nutrition: The food has 10% crude protein, 78% moisture, and 6% fat.
  • Feeding Process: Feed 1 can of food per day to your older cat. Divide the can into sections and feed two times. For precise suggestions, contact your vet.

Why should you pick it?

Why not pick the best quality food for your older kitty who is your companion for now? This cat food for older is the most efficient one for their entire health & immunity system. In addition, if your senior feline has stomach problems, this one is the best option.

Purina Pro Plan Senior Canned Wet Cat Food

2. Nutro Perfect Portions Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food

Sometimes we pet owners need to store the leftover foods of wet canned food in the refrigerator for later feeding time. For that problematic situation, this one is the best option to choose. The perfectly proportionate options from Nutro.

All you have to do is snap from the middle, peel the cover, and pour for your kitty to devour. You can choose versatile flavors like Chicken, Salmon tuna, and Chicken and liver. Choose what your kitty loves from the twin-pack tray food.

With fresh healthy protein and many minerals, and vitamins this formula will serve your older feline the best food. There will be no mess and no hassle of storing the leftover food!

Key Features

  • Ingredients: The formula is made with different flavors like Salmon and tuna, Chicken and liver, and Chicken. In 2.64oz packs, two-portion is neatly parted. It’s a pate formulation.
  • Grain-Free: This cat food has no grain or soy or wheat, and no artificial preservatives or colors.
  • Benefits: The food is high and rich in protein. It improves the kitty’s healthy skin, shiny coat, and good digestion.
  • Age: For 8lbs adult cats this cat food is suitable. If your kitty is 9-12 years old, you can give them this food.
  • Feeding Process: This 2-tray food can be served 4-5 servings daily. Per serving give 1/4 portion. For larger breeds this food is perfect.

Why should you pick it?

It has no harmful artificial preservatives or colors, free from grain or soy. Just snap, peel, and serve for your feline. No fuss or mess!

Nutro Perfect Portions Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Best Senior Cat Food Wet

This cat food is already labeled as matured cat food which is specifically made for senior cats. This is a chicken-based formula that is soft and wet as well as very easily digestible for senior cats.

Senior cats need protein most of which they can get from chicken. So, for less active and utmost senior kitties, this canned food is the perfect option. Aside from high protein, it has other vitamins and minerals to keep your feline companion sharp.

Not only that, the wet moisture food covers the daily hydration which prevents kidney and bladder diseases. The pate-style smooth textured food is also easy to chew and taste.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: Made with fresh chicken, chicken liver, and chicken broth. These three are the main ingredients and besides ed, fish oil, pea fiber, and flour, natural flavor is infused into the food.
  • Benefits: It will improve growth and the DHA will help to promote cognitive development.
  • Nutrition: It has 8% protein, 78% moisture, 5.5% fat, 0.1% DHA, and 0.15% Omega fatty acids.
  • Grain-Free: No artificial preservatives, no colors, no corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Feeding Process: For 6-8 pounds weight kitties, feed 1 can daily. You can divide the food proportion 2-3 times.

Why should you pick it?

This pale textured rich protein food is approved by AAFCO for perfect nutrition. Older cats will get the perfect nutrition from it.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Best Senior Cat Food Wet

4. Hill’s Scientist Diet Wet Cat Food

If your kitty has an upset stomach or kidney problem, then you must try this food formula. Presenting Hill’s Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food, I need to mention that Hill’s Scientist is one of the most trusted brands for veterinarians and cat owners.

This chicken-flavored older cat food is properly balanced with sustainable nutrition for kidney and organ health. I would love to mention again that, this one is the #1 recommendation brand by US veterinarians’.

The food is formulated for senior cats’ to maintain their lean muscle mass and kidney functions. You can choose Chicken or Turkey flavor for your kitty.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: It’s made of savory Chicken and Turkey Entree. Plus, some additional vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Sadly, it has no fish flavor.
  • Nutrition: It helps to build lean muscle and improve the coating of your cat. Plus, it develops the digestion system too.
  • Benefit: If your senior cat has a kidney problem or upset stomach, this can be their regular food. Vitamin E+ C helps to improve the immune system.
  • Age: For 7+ aged cats, this food is suitable. So, it’s suitable for mature cats.
  • Feeding Process: Feed 1/3 cans for a 15-pound cat, 1-2/3 cans for a 10-pound, and 3/4 cans for 5 5-pound cat.

Why should you pick it?

It’s approved by AAFCO for the complete diet and nutrition for the kitties. Recommended by worldwide veterinarians. What else is needed?

Hill's Scientist Diet Wet Cat Food

5. Wellness CORE Digestive Health Pate Wet Cat Food

Picky eaters’ owners gather around! This pate wet food formula from Wellness is an outstanding product for all-breed adult kitties. For those whose kitties have a sensitive stomach or any other digestive probe, this one is ideal.

This food produces energy for the older kitties so they become more active even in their senior age. It also boosts their immune system with healthy skin.

It has versatile flavors, so you can choose whatever you want for your picky feline. The ideal nutrition balance helps your feline companion to nourish from the inside.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: The food is made of a seafood mixture. Salmon and whitefish are the main ingredients of this formula. Plus, many vitamins, fruit powders, and chicken flavors are present.
  • Benefit: High in protein and prebiotic fiber, this food helps to ensure the digestive health of your kitty and improves skin.
  • Nutrition: The omega-3 fatty acids, essential vitamins, minerals, and rich protein are balanced to improve the senior cat’s health.
  • Age: Adult kitties can consume this food. Aside from adult cats, even pregnant cats also can eat this food.
  • Feeding Process: From 6-8 lbs cats, feed 2 cans of food. For pregnant moms, cats feed three times daily.

Why should you pick it?

Full of vitamins, protein, and minerals, this cat food is one of the ideal choices for picky feline eaters. It will boost their immune system as well as keep them active.

Wellness CORE Digestive Health Pate Wet Cat Food

6. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Mature Wet Cat Food

Our next guest on the list is this popular food formula from Blue Buffalo. From the immune system to improving the digestive system and keeping energy levels active, this food works ideally.

To improve the older cats’ skin and prevent shedding, no food is comparable to this Blue Buffalo Freedom Wet Cat Food. It not only improves health but also keeps the weight within limits and helps the kitty to poop properly.

With the savory chicken flavor gravy texture and soft pate, no kitties can resist the food. They will eagerly wait for the food time, trust me! Plus, they will get extra hydration from the wet food!

Key Features

  • Ingredients: Made of chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver. For buyer’s information, these chickens are indoor chickens, not poultry. So, no worries.
  • Nutrition: Protein 7%, fat 4%, moisture 78%. Omega 3 0.10% and Omega 6 0.75%
  • Benefits: The flaxseed, potato, some fruits, and vitamins help to grow, improve health, and keep weight in the watch.
  • No-Grain: It’s free from whole grain, soy, poultry, or corn. No artificial preservatives.
  • Feeding Process: Feed 6-8 lbs cats 1 can per day. Divide the meal two times.

Why should you pick it?

It’s filled with fruit, vitamins, omega fatty acids, and protein. Not harmful to kitties’ health or skin. Also, affordable in price.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Mature Wet Cat Food

7. Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Adult Canned  Senior Wet Cat Food

Feed your feline baby the best quality food from the sophisticated brand Purina. The food is formulated with real wild salmon with some green garden spinach. The delicate texture with delicious taste is irresistible for any kitty. This is another Purina senior cat food wet.

For adult cats, this food has all formulated nutrition that will balance kitties’ weight and energy levels. Your cat will surely love the taste and it will meet their nutritional necessity.

The texture is juicy and tender, easy to digest, and chewable for senior cats. It also keeps the diet on watch plus the protein, fat, and carbs make the food yummy for our babies.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: Made with fresh wild salmon and garden spinach. The texture is shredded and easily consumable for senior cats who have sensitive gums.
  • Benefits: Improves their internal digestive system, and immune system, boosts muscle growth, makes skin shiny, and helps to keep the weight within the limit.
  • Nutrition: Protein 14%, fat 2%, moisture 78%, and fiber 1.5%.
  • Age: For adult cats over 7 years old. This one is consumable for kittens too.
  • Feeding Direction: Feed 1 can of food for 3 pounds of cat per day. Increase or decrease the ratio according to the cats’ weight.

Why should you pick it?

It’s not only healthy but also yummy. The balanced nutrition and results are also admirable. Aside from these, it helps to improve the bone density of older cats.

Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Adult Canned  Senior Wet Cat Food

8. Purina ONE High Protein Natural Wet Cat Food

Want a grain-free diet food formula for your older feline friend? Then, you should try out this one from Purina. It is proven that you will notice the visible change in your kitty within 28 days.

Many users gave their reviews about this 28-day challenge that, their kitty became energetic, healthy, pooped properly, and their skin became shiny as well as healthy gum.

This 100% nutrition wet food will promote cats’ daily hydration with vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain weight and gain lean muscles. This is Purina Senior cat food wet.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: Made with Turkey and Turkey liver. Aside from the main ingredients fish, natural flavors, and poultry by-products are also infused.
  • Nutrition: Fat 4%, protein 12%, moisture 78%, and fiber 1.5%.
  • Benefits: 100% complete and balanced diet nutrition for the older house cats. Makes older cat healthy, keep their weight on watch, and improves their immune system.
  • Age: Cats over 7 years old can consume this food. Plus, pregnant mom cats or patient cats also can eat this food.
  • Feeding Direction: According to 3 1/2 pounds of body weight, feed 1 can per day. Patient or mom cats need 2-4 times feeding.

Why should you pick it?

See your senior cat visibly glowing and being more energetic with the 28-day challenge. For sure, your cat will enjoy the yummy foods.

Purina ONE High Protein Natural Wet Cat Food

9. REVEAL Grain-Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Serve your finicky eater this wet canned food and see them devouring their bowl. This fresh food for cats is rich in protein and is best for picky eaters. If your kitty is a fish lover, then this is one you should try out.

You will get three flavored wet foods in one package. In each serving, your senior cat will enjoy their meal time and get the essential nutrition that is potential for them.

The food is completely grain and additives-free plus 100% natural. The meaty gravy’s tender texture with savory taste will make their tails wag faster for more food!

Key Features

  • Ingredients: As I had mentioned before, 3 flavors are available. You can get Tuna fillet, Tuna fillet with seaweed, and ocean fish.
  • Benefit: As a seafood mixture, it’s filled with calcium, protein, and omega 3 which will be efficient for the lethargic cat.
  • No-Grain: Free from grain, wheat, soy, corn, or any additives. No harmful or poultry baby products.
  • Specific Usage: If your kitty has a heart problem, upset stomach, food allergies, is overweight or underweight, an eye problem, this one is the ideal food for them.
  • Feeding Direction: Under 5 lbs adult 1 can per day, from 5-10 lbs cats 2 cans per day and over 10 lbs cats, 3 cans per day.

Why should you pick it?

It tastes savory, comes in a delicate shredded texture, and contains so much protein and minerals. Very very healthy food for picky eaters.

Purina ONE High Protein Natural Wet Cat Food

10. Meow Mix Tender Favorites Wet Cat Food

Did kitty get get get tired of eating salmon and chicken-flavored food? Then, try to switch the food and serve them one of the best senior cat foods from Meow Mix. It’s my last item, but don’t think it has any less efficiency.

This food is formulated with chicken and beef which is very yummy for ages cats and they can’t stop eating their bowl. It’s not only yummy but also filled with all basic and essential kitty nutrition.

Comes in a fully locked-in cup which you just need to peel and serve. You can even store the leftover food in the refrigerator. The food checks upon the overall health of your senior feline friend.

Key Features

  • Ingredients: Made with Chicken and liver, Chicken and beef, and Turkey and giblets. The wholesome combination is healthy and irresistible.
  • Benefit: Rich in protein makes the lean muscles of your older cat. Makes them more energetic, fulfills their daily hydration, and keeps their weight watch.
  • Age: Suitable for older cats over 7+ years. But, kittens and mom cats also can consume the food.
  • No-Grain: Free from any whole grain, corn, or soy. No artificial color or flavor.
  • Feeding Direction: Better contact the vet for the proper direction of feeding this meal. Don’t forget to feed them enough water.

Why should you pick it?

Why not? It’s full of protein. Makes your lethargic older cat more energetic, boosts their immune system, makes them eager for mealtime, and so on!

Meow Mix Tender Favorites Wet Cat Food

Buying Guide best senior dry cat food

Before buying your older felines’ food, you need to learn and check some features that must be presented in the best senior cat food. Let’s learn those check-out points-

1. Ingredients

Senior cats need very crucial nutritional requirements for their lethargic muscles and less activeness. To prevent their many hazardous diseases, you must check the maximum amount of High Protein, Vitamins and minerals, Calories, Fiber, Antioxidants, and Fatty Acids in your food. These ideal food ingredients will promote your kitties’ health.

2. Digestible Food

When a cat gets older, its digestive system gets weaker. So, to absorb the proper nutrition into their body, you must check the ingredients. No carbohydrates are digestible for kitties.

They may throw up and gain more weight if there is carbohydrate in their diet. Feed your cat to maintain healthy weight management. But cats’ diet needs because cats with sensitive.

3. Moisture

Senior cats may have weaker or more sensitive gums and teeth. So, they may not be able to chew the crunchy kibbles. Or, some cats are very stubborn to drink enough water. To keep them healthy, wet food with enough gravy manages to content the hydration necessary and prevents kidney disease.

4. Taurine

Older cats often suffer from heart disease. To prevent those problems, taurine and amino acid produced from chicken, lamb, or fish protein are highly essential.

In any best-quality senior kitty food, you will see this ingredient. The life stage of a cat sometimes falls into kidney health problems like kidney disease and a sensitive stomach because it looks like human grade.

5. Calories

If your senior cat begins to lose weight by getting older, then talk to the vet for proper guidelines for calorie consumption. It’s essential to keep on the proper weight at the proper age. Cat’s nutritional needs vitamins minerals antioxidants and fruits and vegetables.

What’s the Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Homemade Senior Cat Food Recipe

If you want to make any homemade food for your senior or older cat that food treats for your kitty. Basically, you need wholesome ingredients and keep it simple. Any time you can try your home but must be careful of your pet’s age.

FAQ best senior cat food Reviews

What is the best-wet cat food for senior cats?

Here are some of the best senior cat food wet or best-wet cat foods for senior cats

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Wet Cat Food
  • Nutro Perfect Portions Grain-Free Natural Wet Cat Food
  • Wellness CORE Digestive Health Pate Wet Cat Food
  • Purina ONE High Protein Natural Wet Cat Food
  • Hill’s Scientist Diet Wet Cat Food

How old is a senior cat?

Our feline friends are considered to be elder when they reach 11 years old. In 11 years, it’s 60 years in human age. The easy calculation is Human 1 year = Cat 4 Years. So, when cats are 14-15 years old, they are considered the eldest cats.

Can a senior cat eat adult food?

Apparently, yes. Senior cats need their potential diet for their body growth. When your cat enters the senior stage, it’s recommended to switch their regular food to adult food until there are no vet restrictions.

Is wet food better for older cats?

Yes, when cats get older wet food is easily chewable and digestible for them. So, to manage their health and nutrition, you better choose moisture-rich food for your elder cats.

What do older cats need in their diet?

Some key factors are essential in older cats’ diets. Those are-

  • High Protein
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Calories
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Fatty Acids

Wrapping Up

Best senior cat food wet, that’s it, I’ll wrap up my today’s article today. I hope, you get a clear idea and view about how cat age works, what they need, what foods are best for them, how to buy food for them, and best-wet cat food for senior cats with sensitive stomachs.

If it helps, I’ll be glad. Thanks for reading until now. Spend a happy time with your felines!

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