How to Make A Dog Food Dispenser; It’s an Easy and Convenient Way

The first thing to remember is that the dog food dispenser is more way to assist in regular life for busy puppy owners so, it is true that we are leading giant busy lives also we can not follow on time to puppy and prevent our sometimes in schedules to take care keeping set maintenance eating food for our puppy.

Besides these pet food containers that help to grow as simple weight management also it has provided safety as no more early morning wake-up calls for dog food dispensers.

So, you can know how to make a dog food dispenser. In particular, several easy ways you can make the best wall-mounted dog food dispenser.

So, this dispenser’s food-supplying method protects from overweight and harmful health risks and belongs to diseases of respiratory, diabetes, and kidneys. In this connection, this dispenser can ensure safeguard for the best dog food and water dispenser.

In this way, you can get more relaxation and sleep, and no need to maintain a schedule, on the positive side, automatically your pets can feed the food and they learn routine while to be going

Including some processing materials, In particular, the below mentioned all types of components. Such as,

  • Titebond is quick and thick
  • The best printer paper
  • Envelop paper
  • Plastic jar with lid
  • 2 bands of rubber
  • Superglue and hot glue gun
  • Sticks and straw
  • A big cardboard
  • Router Table
  • Wilker Do’s DIY Plywood Workbench Modifications

How to make a Dog Food Dispenser A treat dispenser for dogs

There are many dog food dispensers. One of them is an Automatic Dog Food Dispenser. This is an easy step to follow to operate this dispenser. I am sure it will smooth your life.

How to Make A Dog Food Dispenser


In the first step, take the reap and prepare the best popsicle sticks for the elementary platform. Then, with the super glue, adjust a popsicle stick that would be like a square piece and about twice as long. After that, you need to take six pieces of the shape in total.

In particular, utilize the hard superglue with two pieces of plywood on the lesser sides of the cardboard that remade the template approximately 1.2 in x 2in.

Then, utilize a straw to roll up a portion of compositor paper and tape the ends of the middle of the center in sections. After that, turn down the straw.

Still, use a huge heat glue gun to attach the roll of paper to the edge of the cardboard from step 2 and the paper shape, making sure that on the opposite side of one, there is also a wooden part. Then, your flap will be isolated for later.


Expressly, get together the funnel processing shape. This form has four trapezoid-shaped ingredients that ensure about 3.15 inches sides on the long top with a narrower surface of about 1.2 inches long.

Then, utilize four cardboard ingredients together at the side and assemble them into a hot glue gun. Then, come to the point, take two more of the superglue of the stick part to the edges of the parochial of the funnel.

As a result, the remaining two hot glue gun plywood pieces on the right and left sides of the tube would have the wooden pieces that utilized the hot glue gun popsicle section facing down.

To point out, design the flap that comes from the 4 steps on the surface of the tube beside it has a tie with extending rubber bands over the part of the wooden.


Still, you will attach the supporter container. Take the base of the large cardboard measuring square 4×4 in, to point out, take the cardboard that cut out two pieces, which must be 10 inches and another 4 inches stretched, and glue it to the base.

Then, to the upper corner, to glue a tube or funnel, utilize a hot glue gun, get ready another cardboard part measuring 10×4 in, and hash a cave where part of the paper would feed, take the superglue of the cardboard part to relax of a supporter.

So, prepare another piece of cardboard in 10×4, then cut out a slot 2.8 inches long and 0.8 inches high. Relax the container to superglue this section.


Next, pull the container and all other ingredients into cardboard and wrap them in wrapping paper. This is your convenience to get creative. Besides, remake the ramp out of cardboard so that it would properly fit into the slot on the front side of the container.

Then, to set up a lever, the horizontal cardboard of glue rectangular part to be rolled up sheet of paper, expressly choose a less-too-heavy type of container with a plastic lid that cuts a circular hole.

Rely on a regular lid, thickness, and scissors, even though a saw would be required. Moreover, the lid is on top of a 4×4 in pieces to glue the glass or cardboard so that you can cut a hole that matches the hole in the lid.

Complete the dispenser with dog food and glue it on top of the container. To restock the container with dog food, easily unscrew the glass from the lid.

treat dispenser with button

How to Choose A Dog Food Dispenser

So, if you become a dog or cat owner, you may be wondering how to make a dog food dispenser that is easy to make. However, you primarily need several elements to make an excellent Bergan wall-mounted pet food dispenser.

On the positive side, those of the processing substance will be Created by turning one thing into another thing.

How do you make a dry food dispenser?

If you want more information and videos about the dog food dispenser here.


It is simple, how to make a dog food dispenser. If you want a dry automatic dog food dispenser, follow the YouTube video and study the Google platform to research and find more ways to show how to make a dog food dispenser. Besides, this dispenser comes in many ways to serve and provide for the best pets.

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