How to Give a Dog a Pill – Explained the Safety Way

If you have a stubborn pooch who has a very unpleasant taste over pills, then you are in trouble! But, if your pooches willingly take their pills, that’s a plus point for you.

So, for those dog owners who ponder, “How to give a dog a pill?” I have come up with some essential steps and then some easy tricks.

Vets prescribe dog pills when they are most necessary because one wants to see those innocent creatures struggling.

Hence, for those who are struggling with this Dog vs. pill battle, let’s see what ways we have to make our pooches swallow their mandatory pills.

How to give a dog a pill

How to Give Dogs Their Pills?

Well, here are the basic steps you should try at first to make your dog swallow its pills. Follow the steps. We recommend some retriever dog food; check it out here.

Step 1: Hold Pooch Firmly

For sure your angel dog will become a demon at the time of struggling with pills. So, if your dog is small, hold them tightly in a secured hold, so they can’t squirm away.

Don’t suffocate them, though. If your pooch is big, seek an assistant’s help to hold it carefully yet confidently.

Step 2: Separate Their Jaw

Now, as you hold the pooch in place confidently, gently hold their upper jaw and tilt their head in the sky direction. Once you notice that their jaw is a bit separated, time for a real battle.

Step 3: Use Fingers to Keep Their Jaw Open

Now, with your fingers holding the upper jaw and grip behind the canines, it will make their jaw open by the pressure, and with the other hand very quickly drop the pill into their mouth.

Step 4: Try to Make Them Swallow

The dog’s tongue has a hump. So, if you want to make them swallow quickly, you have to push the pill with your fingers behind the hump. Once you have pushed the pill behind their hump and immediately close their jaw.

Step 5: Blow Their Nose

This step should be done very quickly after the previous step. As soon as you close their jaw, blow on the pooch’s nose to encourage them to swallow it. Otherwise, they will spit the pill outside.

Step 6: Rub Their Throat

After your pooch swallows the pill, rub its throat soothingly. Praise it very well. Give it a belly scratch. Don’t forget to drink water. It is best to swallow the pill properly.

How to give a dog a pill

Tricks of Giving Pills to Pooches

Now if you failed to do the previous steps or your canine buddy is too stubborn, then you need some tricks to give the pill. Here are some popular and effective tricks that are vet recommended tricks-

1. Talk to Vet

Some pooches don’t want to take their pills because of the unpleasant bitter smell and taste. So, you should ask the vet to replace the pill with some other pleasant flavor for pooches so they don’t smell suspicious.

2. Wash Your Hands Before Giving Pills

We all know dogs have the most powerful sense of smell. If they ever can smell the bitter smell of their medicine from your hand, be sure they will hide in someplace where you won’t find them for 30 minutes! So, before giving them pills, wash your hands well.

3. Mix It With Dog’s Meal

Well, this one is the most common one that all dog owners try. If your pooch takes kibble feed, then mix it with the kibbles, so the pooch can’t spot it instantly. The same goes for canned food, push the pill into any chunk.

However, if you have multiple dogs, make sure that the right dog is getting pills from the right bowl. If you see your dog licked each corner of the bowl but left the pill behind, don’t get frustrated. I have some other tricks, too.

4. Hide It In A Treat

Every dog will wiggle its tail for extra treats. You can hide the pill inside the treat. The tastier and good the smell of that treatment will be, the more the pooch will accept the treatment without any doubt.

Or, you can hide the pill in other treats like peanut butter, Thick Yogurt, Chicken Pieces, Marshmallows, or sausages.

5. Fool Your Dog

Whenever we, dog owners eat something, our dogs look at us like we are eating the tastiest thing in the world by depriving them! So, make a fake performance that you are eating the pill, and don’t forget to fake chew.

When you get your dog’s attention and they will nudge you to give them a bite, throw them the pill and Viola!

How to give a dog a pill

A Video Tutorial for you How to Give a Dog a Pill

Gently restrain your dog and hold its mouth open. Place the pill at the back of the tongue, close the mouth, and stroke the throat to encourage swallowing.

Alternatively, hide the pill in a treat or use a specialized pill dispenser. Always confer with your vet for advice on nursing medicine and ensure a positive experience for your furry friend.

How long does it take a pill to dissolve in a dog’s stomach?

It is absurd within 20-30 minutes of being given by mouth; sometimes, it depends on how long after you give the medicine to the animals.

Wrapping Up

Convincing your stubborn pooch to swallow their pills is a hassle. But I hope the tricks and steps will help you get your puppy’s attention and make them swallow their pills. That’s all for today. I hope your pooch will get fine and healthy.

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