8 Best Duluth Dog Jacket Reviews – Find the Best one in 2024

Our pet animals are like our best friends, so we want to provide them with the best and most comfortable items. When it’s winter, and the weather gets chilly, it’s time to bundle up your canine companion with some thick and comfy jackets.

Dogs love to go on walks with their owners. So, in the winter, it’s a must to protect your babies with comfortable jackets so both of you can enjoy your walk. All the Duluth dog jackets on our list are comfortable and functional for your buddies.

Best Overall: Gooby Sports Dog Vest

“A very affordable dog vest with all kinds of high-quality features. Not only that, it’s made with high-quality materials to keep your pup safe and warm.”

Best Comfortable: ASENKU Windproof & Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

“The best jacket for protecting your puppy in the rain and cold weather. They are waterproof as well as windproof.”

Best Overall: Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover

“This jacket is the perfect Duluth firehose dog jacket with a reversible design and comfortable feel. Plus, they are lightweight and available in different sizes.”

The Best Duluth Dog Jacket Reviews Our Top Picks

  • Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover
  • Warm Dog Coat Reflective Dog Winter Jacket
  • Kyeesw Small Dog Jacket
  • Queenmore Cold Weather Dog Coats
  • ASENKU Windproof & Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

Duluth Dog Jacket

1. Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover

First on the list is from Gold Paw, a comfortable Duluth jacket. There is no way to hate it as it is crafted with 7% Spandex fleece. Fortunately, they are breathers and offer 4-way stretching.

One unique feature is the reversible style. This means you can reverse it and find another design. You can call it a two-in-one Duluth puffer dog jacket. The coat pullover comes in different sizes.

So, from the puppy to the big dog, everyone will fit inside it. Thanks to the manufacturers for thinking about the environment. The pullover is made of eco-friendly materials. Don’t worry about washing it; it is machine washable.

The jackets are available in three different colors. One little issue we found is that the pullover is not thick enough to support your dog in freezing weather.

Key Features

  • Crafted with eco-friendly and breathable 7% Spandex Fleece.
  • Appropriate for all-size dogs.
  • Machine washable jacket.
  • Get it in 3 stylish colors.
  • Reversible jacket.

What we like

  • Easy cleaning and dry system.
  • 2 in 1 design.
  • Stylish design.

What we don’t like

  • Not for excessive cold weather.

Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog

2. Warm Dog Coat Reflective Dog Winter Jacket

It’s time for a warm Dog Winter jacket, and this one is from QBLEEV. With an easy-to-take-on and off feature, the product is now at the top of the market. The jacket is made of premium-quality nylon and PP cotton, which make it soft, cozy, and warm.

It is also windproof and waterproof. The most unique thing about the jacket is the reflective strips, which are visible at night. Moreover, an available D-ring helps attach leashes. It is a Duluth fire hose dog jacket like that.

Don’t worry about the size. The dog rain jacket is available in sizes S to XL (six different sizes). Its stylish design can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Compared with the Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat, this one is more functional. So, there is no way to miss this one.

Key Features

  • 6 different sizes available (S to XL)
  • Waterproof and windproof material. (Nylon, PP cotton)
  • Included quick-release buckle.
  • Adjustable and reversible design.
  • Lightweight and appropriate for all-size dogs.
  • Reflective strips visible in the dark/night

What we like

  • Extra warming ability.
  • Soft and comfortable feel.
  • Easy wearing and put off the system

What we don’t like

  • We found no negativity.

Warm Dog Coat Reflective Dog Winter Jacket

3. Kyeesw Small Dog Jacket

Moving on to our next product from the Kyeesw, this is a Duluth puffer dog jacket for smaller and medium-sized pooches. It looks fashionable and is comfy for the pups. The manufacturers designed the jacket with outdoor walking in mind.

The leash hole at the back of this jacket makes it perfect for outdoor walking. The fleece material provides warmth, like that of fleece winter coats. Plus, it has fashionable pockets and a flexible waistband.

The soft polar fleece inside the jacket feels comfortable for your puppy and protects their little body from freezing weather. I would love to mention that this winter coat has a reflective strip to ensure your dog’s safety.

Key Features

  • Material: Fleece
  • Size: 12″(Back Length) x 16-18″(Chest)
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • The jacket will be fitted for 12-18lbs weight pooches.

What we like

  • It has a leash hole, so it’s ideal for outdoor walks.
  • Velcro design on the neck & chest is easy to put on and adjust.
  • The button design is unique, so it looks pretty stylish.
  • Water resistance, so no worry if your puppy rolls over snow.

What we don’t like

  • Not for bigger-sized dogs.

Kyeesw Small Dog Jacket

4. Queenmore Cold Weather Dog Coats

This is the most adorable Duluth grab-dog jacket on my list. Unlike the Kyeesw Small Dog Jacket, it can be used in rainy or chilly weather. It has a double-sided system to cope with the weather and warm your pooch.

This dog coat comes in versatile colors, so you can choose the style and color you want for your buddy. It will fit any dog, from medium to small. The hook-and-loop closure is very easy to put on.

This reversible dog coat has a water-resistance and wind-resistance part. The polyester part is water resistant, and the inside fleece liner is for the winter season. Both of these sides keep your pooch warm and cozy.

Key Features

  • Size: X – Small.
  • Material: Polyester & Fleece
  • Color: Orange
  • Weight: 1.87 ounces
  • The coat’s reflective stripe helps detect your pup at night or in the dark.

What we like

  • The reversible design keeps the pooch warm in any weather.
  • Reflective stripe ensures you keep track of your baby when you are in the walk.
  • It comes in 8 different sizes, so easy to fit any size of the dog.

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t have a leash hole.

Queenmore Cold Weather Dog Coats

5. ASENKU Windproof & Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

Your lovely pet loves walking, or does it give you company when hiking? Then ASENKU Windproof & Waterproof Dog Winter Coat is for your taste. This is a reversible Duluth trading dog jacket and comes in versatile colors.

This beautiful and stylish coat is appropriate for all shapes of doggies. Like the Queenmore Dog Coats, it has a durable polyester for waterproof shelter and an inner fleece layer to keep your pup safe from winter.

The pull-on closure makes it quick to put on and take off. Moreover, this Duluth dog jacket has a leash hole on the collar for outdoor walking.

The coat can be washed in the machine, but manufacturers recommend washing it with hands to make the materials more durable. It has a turtleneck to keep the dog warm, cozy, and comfy.

Before purchasing, you should measure your pup and check the size chart.

Key Features

  • Color: Wine Red
  • Materials: Polyester, Terylene, Cotton & Fleece
  • Size: XS-XL
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • It has four metal snaps that help the canine quickly wear the jacket.

What we like

  • It has 7 different sizes to fit in any size.
  • Reversible design to cope with any weather.
  • It feels lightweight and comfortable on your pup’s body.

What we don’t like

  • Some users expressed a slight disappointment with the sizing chart.

Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

6. Gooby Sports Dog Vest

Dog parents complain that when they walk their dogs, they sometimes pee, making their coats or vests dirty. Keeping this problem in mind, Gooby Sports made this vest. This is a handy feature that pet parents mostly want.

The vest has a shorter cut, so when Mother Nature calls, you don’t have to clean up the mess later. Like the ASENKU Dog Coat, this one is water- and wind-resistant but isn’t reversible.

So, even if your puppy rolls over snow, it won’t get soggy. This Duluth trading grabs dog jacket has a D-shaped ring, which makes it very convenient to leash your dog through the coat. This vest can also work as a harness.

Plus, it will keep your pooch super comfortable and warm. It has a zipper on the back, so it’s easy to dress it.

Key Features

  • Color: Green
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Size: XS-XL
  • Material: Nylon & Polyester
  • The vest has a reflective stripe to detect your pup’s safety in the dark.

What we like

  • The Double fleeced line keeps the puppy warm.
  • It comes in versatile colors, so feel free to choose.
  • Convenient leash adjustment works as a harness, too.

What we don’t like

  • Not for too large-sized dogs.

Gooby Sports Dog Vest

7. Dog Winter Warm Coat Waterproof Reflective Dog

Want a stylish dog coat for your furry friend in winter? Then, you can choose the Ovovod Dog Winter Coat. This Duluth dog coat is stylish and functional. It protects your furry friends from windy weather and keeps them warm.

This coat’s collar or neck area is adjustable, which is a fantastic feature. It also adequately covers the tummy area. The reflective stripe is visible in dim light or dark places. It has a zipper at the back, so it’s very easy to put on and take off.

These Duluth fire hose dog jackets are lightweight and comfortable for pooch skin. They’re also water-resistant, so your dog can play in the snow. I gladly mention that this coat has appropriate sizes for all shapes of dogs.

Key Features

  • Size: 18.50″(Chest) x 15.7″(Back)
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Color: Graffiti Red
  • It has a drawstring hole at the back of the leash.

What we like

  • The graffiti design on your doggo looks so stylish and beautiful.
  • An adjustable neck keeps the pup warm.
  • It can be washed in the machine but is better washed by hand.

What we don’t like

  • If you are searching for a thick coat like the Kyeesw Small Dog Jacket, it’s not for you.

Ovovod Dog Winter Coat

8. Gobby Padded Dog Vest

This is another padded dog vest from Gobby. Though the previous one and this product look quite similar, there is a slight difference between them. This Duluth trading company dog jacket has a D-shaped ring to attach the leash.

Like the Gooby Sports Dog Vest, this one can also be used as a harness and vest. It is appropriate for smaller to medium-sized dogs and will keep them warm and their bodies dry in the snow.

It has 100% fleece on the inside of the jacket so that pups can feel warm and cozy in the coat. Plus, it has a zipper-lock system, which makes it easy to dress up your pup, and they will look super cute.

Key Features

  • Size: Chest 16″
  • Color: Turquoise Solid
  • Materials: 100% Nylon outer layer & 100% Fleece inner layer
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • It has a round neck of 11.5 inches.

What we like

  • The vest is allowed to wash in the machine.
  • Water resistance and wind resistance to keep your pup warm.
  • Easy to put on and take off, so no hassle.

What we don’t like

  • Not for big doggies.

Gobby Padded Dog Vest

Buying Guide for the Best Duluth Dog Jacket

We have already reviewed some of the best dog jackets, but we think you need to learn a little more to find the best Duluth dog jackets. So, here I am going to discuss another part of the best dog jackets. Read our best dog food sample boxes.

1. Material

The first thing one should consider is the material of the jacket. Ensure the coat is made of quality nylon, PP cotton, and others. Some jackets are made of harmful materials, which are dangerous for dogs. I can create rashes or other skin problems.

Also, consider whether the material is eco-friendly. We always recommend getting an eco-friendly product to keep the environment safe.

2. Comfortability

If you purchase the best Duluth puffer dog jacket but your dog isn’t comfortable with it, you can never get the actual benefit of the product. So, before getting one, you must look for factors such as softness, coziness, fitting, etc.

There are different types of jackets, such as pullovers and winter jackets. If it is summertime, a thin pullover or jacket will be comfortable. But when it is freezing, cover them with a thick and warm Duluth jacket.

3. Overall Design

We know it’s a dog jacket, but you still need to consider the design. Undoubtedly, your dog will never complain about how it looks. But to keep your dog more attractive, you should purchase stylish Duluth dog jackets.

In the review, we kept some reversible jackets. That means you can get 2 different designs in one jacket. You can have a look at the products.

4. Easy Put on and off

No one wants to waste time wearing their dog a jacket or putting it off. So, get a coat that comes with a quick-release buckle design. Such jackets take a few seconds to put on or off.

5. Windproof & Waterproof

If the jacket is for indoor and outdoor usage, then the following 2 features are essential. First, you don’t know how often your dog will mess up with water. So, a waterproof jacket is necessary.

Now, the windproof jacket helps them run or play freely without heavy wind obstructing them.

6. Price

Don’t empty your pocket just by purchasing a single jacket. We suggest getting a jacket at a reasonable price. Check the price of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions Duluth Firehose Dog Jacket

Now it’s time for the question-and-answer session. Though we haven’t noticed many questions about Duluth dog jackets, we have managed to gather some. Now, we are going to answer them.

1. What are the best Duluth dog jackets?

Undoubtedly, the best Duluth jacket will be comfortable, made of quality materials, waterproof, easily washable, and durable.

Considering everything, we suggest the Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover.

2. Do dogs need jackets?

It depends on the climate of the area you live in. Suppose the environment around you is cold. A dog jacket is essential to keep your dog away from the cold.

Again, some love to see their dog in a good jacket as it makes them more attractive.

3. At what temperature does my dog need a jacket

On average, below 32°F, you should cover your dog with a jacket. But some dogs are more sensitive. They start to get cold below 42°F, so use a warm jacket for them when the temperature goes below 42°F.

Final Words

We have finished our task by reviewing the 8 best Duluth dog jackets. We chose the products after long research. Unlike cheap and low-quality dog jackets such as the “AFP Paws Adjustable Dog Anxiety Jacket,” they are durable and comfortable.

Before ending the topic, we would love to recommend one product: the Gold Paw Duluth Double Fleece Dog Coat Pullover.

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